Booster Coin premier listing Celebration event

Greetings booster coin holders, Booster coin will be listed on Lbank exchange and to celebrate Booster Coin’s premier listing on Lbank Exchange, we will hold a special event as follows.

Trade Booster coin for more than $100 total volume and submit following Google form link below with the screenshot of the transaction detail. We will run raffles and reward the winner with booster coins.

Notice: You may not qualify from the event if you have entered wrong wallet address or screenshot

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You can be rewarded through
Your LifeStyle!

Booster is an app that pays rewards in various ways based
on various activities such as leisure using the latest Web3 technology

Booster Mission

Mission 01

hopes that many people will be healthy
through various activities

Mission 02

actively supports people
to achieve their goals for health.

Mission 03

shares the revenue with the platform users
by sharing the distributed platform function

BOOSTER supports various
activity environments

Token Metrics

  • In Booster, users can participate in an ecosystem where they can earn profits without necessarily owning NFTs

  • Instead, Users can earn profits by inviting their friends or beComming a lower tier



  • Team Building

  • Idea & Concept


  • Fund Rasing

  • Service Planning


  • Token Listing

  • Launch Wallet App


  • NFT Sales


  • Launching BOOSTER App Beta

  • Global Marketing Campaign


  • Co-branding Partnerships

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